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Cold Water Extraction

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When a leaking water heater, washer, refrigerator or leaking pipe damages your property, water silently starts to erode at the foundation of your home or business. Don’t wait to face the problem and get the most out of your investment even after a disaster. Our professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to handle the task efficiently. Let our team of certified technicians get your property back on track.

What is cold water extraction?
It is the process of removing large amounts of standing water from a property due to a number of issues caused by broken/aging pipes, flooding, overflowing appliances, sewage damage or fire sprinkler damage.

How do you remove water from my property?
We use submersible pumps and industrial sized water tanks to vacuum the water out and then store it in water tanks for later disposal. This is the most important process as it removes the largest amount of water before we move onto the next steps in the process.

We double and triple check for leftover water pockets using infra red cameras to highlight any areas beneath floorboards, behind drywall or underneath your carpet to ensure we’ve hit all the marks successfully.

Under no circumstance should you try dealing with water extraction on your own. Such an event is overwhelming and requires special equipment to ensure proper dry out.  Even if you believe you’ve dried out all areas of the property, unseen pockets of water may still be leftover enabling the possibility of mold to develop and grow.  On most homeowner’s insurance policies, mold is typically not covered and exclusions may apply.

Our Procedures

• We are proud to be certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and we abide by the strict guidelines they offer.  Responding quickly, with the ability to handle any size of disaster, Agoura Hills Water Damage technicians will assess the damage and devise a unique plan for the water mitigation needs at your home or business.

• Using advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, the professional technicians will begin extracting standing water and removing personal belongings to a safe place, away from further damage.  Photo documentation will continually be recorded to provide the customer and insurance personnel the information they need.  Sanitizing and deodorizing the areas will arrest the possibility for mold and mildew growth.

• The most important part of water damage restoration procedures is the dry out process.  Our technicians have equipment on hand to dry out multiple floor office complexes, hospitals, retail establishments and large warehouse facilities.  Any size of job, small and large, is not a problem for the experts at Agoura Hills Water Damage!  We are dry out specialists and we see to it that all areas of your property pass our rigorous tests to ensure mold and mildew will not occur at a later date.

At Agoura Hills Water Damage, we provide the utmost sense of security from the moment we arrive until you receive a check from your insurance provider. We work with all insurance companies to provide our customers with 100% direct insurance billing! This service is a huge benefit to you as you navigate the complicated coverage and exclusions listed on your policy! Call us now if you have water damage issues and we will arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call to restore your property immediately!

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