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Fire Sprinkler Damage

When your home is affected by fire sprinkler damage don’t risk the safety and security of your home due to water damage.

 More importantly, if you run a business and experience an unexpected fire sprinkler activation it could put your business in at risk. New mandatory state regulations require new buildings to have fire sprinklers and neglecting unexpected water damage will potentially cause mold or mildew growth if left untreated.

Even if you cannot predict the accidental discharge of fire sprinklers, you must be informed on what to do when unfortunate events like this occur. First, call a specialist, someone who is trained to minimize the potential loss and design a complete restoration plan for your property. You can have both services delivered to you within 30 minutes if you call Agoura Hills Water Damage at (818) 337-4426!

While waiting for a skilled expert to reach you, there are certain things you can do to help:
– Mop the standing water
– Open as many windows and doors as you can
– Remove carpets and place them somewhere safe and dry
– Open the drawers of affected furniture
– Place wet items into the sun for drying

As well, there are certain things you must absolutely not do:
– Wait too long before calling for professional help
– Try vacuuming the water using your vacuum cleaner
– Turn on electronic devices and appliances

Do not ignore the harmful effects of fire sprinkler damage: besides ruining a lot of items, leaving you with wet drywall and damaged floors, your health may be at risk, too. Objects that were in contact with water for a prolonged period of time are most likely to enhance mold formation and could cause devastating waterborne diseases. If not attended properly, this can cause serious illnesses and real health hazards.

In cases like this, remember that you have a reliable partner in Agoura Hills Water Damage that will reach you within 30 minutes and make sure that all the safety issues are taken for the best of your property and yourself!
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