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Water damage can happen at any moment. Agoura Hills Water Damage is by your side your side day or night.

Our team of certified technicians provide reliable and quality services whether its day or night! When you suffer from water damage we provide 100% direct insurance billing services! We take the job seriously so further down the line you won’t return with mold issues we cannot restore.

We give every customer the guarantee of complete satisfaction when it comes to water damage! We will guide you through the insurance maze and work with your adjuster to negotiate your best coverage options. Below is a list of services we provide.

  • We bill your insurance company directly, with no out of pocket costs upfront
  • We work with ALL insurance companies, both residential and commercial
  • We don’t consider any job too big or too small–from the minor appliance leaks to full blown flood damage, we can handle it!
  • We meet with your insurance representative to focus on your policy coverage and the repairs we need to complete to bring your home back to working condition
  • We strive to gain what is FULLY entitled to you under the parameters of your policy
  • When we dry out the affected areas of your home we follow a strict set of guidelines to protect your property investment

Is water damage and flood damage insurance the same thing?

  • Water damage is usually covered under homeowners insurance and examples of typical instances are slab leaks, toilet and bathtub overflow, appliance malfunctions, pinhole leaking in pipes, fire sprinkler failure, water supply line breaks, water heater leaks and essentially anything in your home that causes water damage
  • Flood damage occurs from a natural source such as heavy rain, overflowing river or mudslide. Your insurance company likely has separate insurance policies that cover such an emergency
  • Flood damage insurance is likely sold separately and most insurance companies will deny payment if the issue is not part of your policy.

**Tip for home and business owners: If you property is ever affected by flood damage caused by a sudden rain, mudslide, rising river or coastal water speak with your insurance agent immediately to make sure you are covered for potential damage.

When water or flood damage happens to you, Agoura Hills Water Damage is here for you!

  • Address the issue IMMEDIATELY
  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week day or night to answer questions and provide information regarding flood and water damage restoration
  • A certified technician is always on hand when you need help

Regardless of your home or business’s size, no project is too big for us to handle. We work with our customers to provide a high quality service! We understand that the integrity of our work could be compromised by health and safety matters, but we DO NOT want to put you at risk.

We pledge to our customers that cutting corners is never an option for us. We are one of the few companies who will thoroughly read your policy and negotiate with the adjuster for the coverage you’re entitled to, as we stand behind the integrity of our work and our customers.

Call Agoura Hills Water Damage now with questions or for an emergency technician to arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call! (818) 337-4426