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Fire Restoration Process

  • Call Fire Damage Restoration Services: call the nearest fire damage restoration services. If you live in or around Agoura hill, call us for a quick response. Once we reach your location, we will seal the broken windows, doors and ceilings so nobody can get inside in your absence.
  • Restoration of slightly damaged and undamaged contents: Here’s what you can do when you decide to call the professionals and are waiting for them.
    • Document damaged, undamaged and repairable goods should be separated
    • Move goods out of the house to the storage facility
    • Dry furniture and all solid surface with clean towels. Put carpets rugs and other kind of fabric under the sun or dehydrator for drying
    • Use alkaline solution to get rid of soot stains from your clothes
    • Do not use regular air freshener, or rooms sprays to get rid of smoke odor. The reaction can be risky
  • Water Removal: Pooling of water can occur from fire extinguishing. It encourages growth of molds and mildews. If left unattended, it can permeate through walls and cause internal weakening of house structures. Use water pumps or vacuums to remove water from your house.
  • Deodorization: All the smoke, water and cleaning chemicals must have made your house smell. After restoration work is complete, this is considered the finishing touch so you can return to your house without signs of fire incident.



Though you have successfully survived a house-fire, you must be worried about the damage. Fire produces smoke; this smoke will penetrate in walls, floor, ceilings and other items in the house as well. It will pass through your plumbing system and ventilation ducts and if you make the mistake of entering the building without a mask, it will create breathing problems. Unfortunately, this is not the only effect that the smoke will have. After smoke has cooled down, it becomes soot which is a black film of ashes and residues of fire. It is pungent, oily and cannot be washed. It not only causes corrosion, but health hazards as well if not cleaned properly.

Even if it was a small fire, which has left behind little damage, do not ignore it. There may be a chance that fire has caused some hidden damages. Call a fire damage restoration company and get it inspected so you can determine the degree of fire damage. We suggest you to take care of it immediately before it worsens because smoke damage is progressive. If you do not restore it right away, then the cost of repair will multiply over time.

Agoura Hill Fire Damage is here to help! We provide our clients with best services for the restoration of fire damage.

  • Our emergency hotline is available 24/7
  • We have the quickest onsite response time of 30 minutes
  • We provide you with cost effective packages
  • We use smart technology for speedy restoration work
  • Follow standards set under IICRC criteria
  • Availability of billing policy via insurance company
  • Work done under hygiene barriers


Agoura Hills Fire Damage will not make you regret your decision of trusting us. Our previous clients have been very satisfied by our work and we expect you to be one of them too. If you have questions about technical aspects of Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration or Smoke Remediation.

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